Brands we work with

Barker & Nelson

Barker and Nelson is the original switchboard accessories manufacturer in South Africa. The B&N range of products include die cast access hardware for panels, die cast accessories such as label holders and the DAROS Rotary Handles for various circuit breaker manufacturers. The Daros Rotary Handles from Barker and Nelson are synonymous with quality and are once again available for the switchboard market.

EMKA Beschalgtiele

EMKA, A German company, is the world leader in the field of enclosure access hardware. EMKA is represented in over 30 countries worldwide. EMKA products are of superior quality and therefore the range is aimed at enclosure manufacturers who want to define themselves firstly in terms of quality and secondly in terms of innovation.Enclosure Solutions is the exclusive distributor for EMKA in South Africa.

Haake Technik

Haake Technik designs, manufactures and distributes safety edges, safety bumpers, safety edges and trapped key interlocking solutions. A German, family owner company focused on providing world class safety solutions for the industrial market. Haake Technik’s safety solutions are ensuring the industrial working environment is a safer place.

Masterlock Safety Series

Master Lock® offers a complete line of Safety Lockout/Tagout products to complement their full range of safety padlocks. This exclusive line of LO/TO accessories includes innovative and patent-pending cable lockouts, gate valve, ball valve, circuit breaker, plug covers and much more. Available individually or in modular kits and stations, these LO/TO products are effective and easy to use.

Pinnacle Stainless Steel

With a growing industry requirement for stainless steel products, Enclosure Solutions has introduced a comprehensive range of GRADE 304, bright finished, stainless steel panel hardware under the brand name, Pinnacle. Included in this range are bolt-on hinges and padlockable square key locks.

ABUS Security Tech

ABUS offers a comprehensive Lockout/Tagout system, a meticulously crafted solution. This isn’t just about shielding your workforce; it’s a chance to streamline internal operations with precision. Rest assured, our approach complies with and goes above and beyond legal mandates. Elevate safety with ABUS – where protection meets innovation

Enclosure Solutions

Enclosure Solutions is an industrial hardware manufacturer and distributor based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Products include both local and imported access hardware for Electrical Enclosures and other sheet metal solutions. Enclosure Solutions quality range of wall mount enclosures is extensive and available ex works. Enclosure Solutions offers good quality products at a fair price backed up with intelligent service.